What's happening in January
Happy New Year!  I don't know about you guys but I'm looking forward to this year.  I've got a pretty clear vision of what I'd like to do this year with my music.  One main thing is finally committing to regular video posts.  I've got three video series I plan to stick to.  One is posting a music video each month.  This will be with older songs and newer songs.  I also have been wanting to do a "Live Sound for Acoustic Guitar" series for quite a while.  These will be posted every other week showcasing tools and techniques to get the absolute best live sound for acoustic guitar.  And finally I want to do a monthly video called "Acoustic Guitar Research Project".  This is designed to be a more experimental music video where I'll try some composing and recording techniques.  I'll probably do a behind the scenes video along with each of these.  One other big project I'm very excited to dive into is my "Bach Sound Experience".  This will be a new album and show.  This month I will mainly be working on the arranging.
Personal Reflection
Something I've learned about who I am as a musician is that it's not so much the art of the music as it is the art of living.  My music is a reflection of who I am and so I may not practice as much as other professional musicians but I put my efforts into a balance of life.  Worry, pride, and jealousy all naturally will push me to run from balance but God has instilled in me a vision of balance as a musician which means I grow more slowly as a musician but with more stability in balance.  I don't always follow this but God seems to pull me back into focus every once in a while if I start heading down the wrong path.  Praise God for His guiding hand!
Question of the month
Just curious, what type of device do you listen to music on the most? (example: phone, computer, CD player, car radio, record player, etc.)  For me it's the Google Home Mini or the computer.  Let me know in the comment section below.  
If you want to get more behind the scenes development of my projects, Like me on facebook.  Of any social media, I use this the most to share updates and I try to keep my posts relevant and interesting.
Hope you all have a great year a set some high goals for yourself!


Ali February 23, 2018 @10:54 am

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Steve Pulley January 10, 2018 @12:50 pm

CD the most.

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